The 12 most important workout tips from Shakement

Welcome to the Shakement Workout Guide. This is the first step!


Working out in the right way can be a big challenge. To help you out we've made a helpful workout guide. In these articles you'll find important tips and knowledge you need to know to get the most out of every trainings session. It would be wise to combine this information with your workout plan.


Dont forget: if it would be easy, anyone would do it. Just look at the process of obtaining your ideal body as not an obstacle, but as a challenge! Hopefully this guide will help you reach your goals.


Below you'll find our 12 best tips. Follow the links to get more information.



Workout tip 1: Stay on schedule

Workout tip 2: Start off slowly, you're not in a rush

Workout tip 3: Find out which weights to use and how many repititions

Workout tip 4: Correct execution of the exercise is more important than heavy weights

Workout tip 5: Keep track of your progression

Workout tip 6: Mix up your workout schedule once in a while

Workout tip 7: What is the ideal time of your workout

Workout tip 8: The first hour of your workout is the most important

Workout tip 9: The right way to build up your work out

Workout tip 10: Listen to your body

Workout tip 11: Find a workout buddy

Workout tip 12: Effectively lose fat

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