Workout tip 10: Listen to your body

People that recently started working think they will need to go to the gym every day to see results.

This might actually work against you. Ofcourse you'll get muscle growth through working out, but your muscles also need enough resting time to grow. Scientific studies have shown that the growth hormones necesary for muscle growth are at their highest when you are asleep. So getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep is almost as important as the workout itself.


Listening to your body is very important. If you're body is telling you "no, not today" you should probably do well to listen. If you feel exhausted or sick, you might be better off not going to the gym that day. Try focussing on getting good nutrition, drinking water and getting a good night's rest so you can get back to it the next day. 

Missing one workout isn't a bad thing, just remember the 4 golden rules of fitness! 

Taking a day off when needed, could benefit you more in the long run ;)


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