Workout tip 3: Find out which weights to use and how many repetitions

In your workout schedule you will do each exercise a number of sets. You can decide how many on your personal goal. For us, it's difficult to calculate what your max weight is. So hereby we'll explain to you how you can calculate it yourself. 


The ideal repetitions per exercise and at max weight is around 6-8 reps. When you can get to 8 reps on your own, your ready for the next weight. The principle "No Pain, No Gain" applies here. Sounds cliche but it's the best way to break out of your comfort zone and reach maximum effect. 

If an exercise becomes 'easy' challenge yourself to up the weight.


The smartest thing to do is to keep track of your weights and reps. You can use the Shakement Workout Plan on your phone to write down what your maximum weight is so you always know which weight to grab. This way you'll be motivated to keep getting heavier weights and can track your progression very easily. More about tracking your progression you'll find in workout tip 5. 


3.1 Deciding the amount of reps

Een repetition (rep) range of 8-12 reps is the sweet spot for gaining muscle. For max strenght you do 3-5 reps and for losing weight you'll mostly do 15+ reps. 

We can conclude the following: 

  • Few repetitions (high intensity) are great for gaining strenght.
  • Many repetitions (low intensity) are helpful for gaining stamina and losing weight.
  • Medium repetitions are perfect for gaining muscle.

Always make sure you pick the right weights and get the most out of each exercise. You'll continu each rep till muscle failure. It doesn't matter what your goal is, your body will only develop if you constantly challenge it. 

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