Workout tip 2: Start off slowly, you're not in a rush

Prevent injuries by starting slowly and always do a warming-up before your workout. This is of crucial importance, not just to prevent injuries but aalso to prepare your body for physical activity. Do some warming-up sets with small weights and do some cardio for 5 minutes. This will make your blood circulate and warms up your muscles. 


When you start with your first exercise in the gym, practice the movement first with small weights. Then build up to your maximum weight.

Example: lets say your maximum weight is 100lbs with the bench press. You could start of by lifting first 20lbs and gradually working your way up. 

We'll always advice to do at least 3 sets of your exercise, warming-up sets don't count. 


Ofcourse a long warming-up isn't neccesary on every exercise. We recommend to do this only with the first exercise of the day. Want to know how to calculate your max weight? You can read it in workout tip 3. 

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