Workout tip 6: Mix up your workout schedule once in a while

If you always do the same thing, how can you expect different results? It's super important to once in a while mix up your workout schedule. That's why we offer multiple workouts. Not just because it gets boring to keep doing the same thing, but also to keep challenging yourself. 


It's good to change your schedule every 6-8 weeks. Why do we recommend this?

  1. Your body gets used to exercises
    When you do the same workout for a longer period of time, your body will get used to it. This will increase your performance but will also result in less muscle strain --> muscle growth. 
    Ofcourse you can get results by doing the same thing for months, but it could increase results if you stimulate your muscles in a different way.
  2. Challenge
    It's important to keep challenging yourself. A new exercise automatically creates new goals to pursue. This will keep working out more fun. If you know that the exercises you're doing right now are working, or you simple don't want to chance, don't. It could help to do the same exercise in a different way. 
    For example: If you normally benchpress with a barbell. Try it with dumbells. 
  3. Shocking your muscles
    When you change your workout schedule after 6-8 weeks you will notice a lot more muscle strain in the first weeks. This is because you stimulated (and shocked) your muscles in a different way. Your body will start activating different parts of the muscle which helps building muscle in general. 
    When you increase the tension on your muscles by getting heavier weights or different exercises you will activatie your muscle growth.

Besides changing exercises, what else can you do?

- Change the order of your exercise

- Amount of sets per exercise

- Amount of reps per set

- Off-time between reps and sets

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