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Workout Tip 7: What is the ideal time of your workout

It is commonly thought that the longer and heavier you train, the better the result will be. Althought there's truth in there, you can also 'overtrain'. This has everything to do with the amount of energy your body needs to properly train. When your body is out of energy (simply...
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Workout Tip 6: Mix up your workout schedule once in a while

If you always do the same thing, how can you expect different results? It's super important to once in a while mix up your workout schedule. That's why we offer multiple workouts. Not just because it gets boring to keep doing the same thing, but also to keep challenging yourself. ...
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Workout Tip 5: Keep track of your progression

It is VERY important to keep track of your progression! You should always remember the amount of reps and weights per exercise. You can use the Shakement Workout Schedule! This way you will be able to track if you're making progress and you'll notice when your slacking. Knowing (and seeing)...
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Workout Tip 4: Perfect execution is more important than weights

Always remember that a perfect execution of the exercise itself is much more important than the weights you're using. When you wrongfully execute an exercise we advice you to take a step backwards in weights. This can be difficult but leave your ego behind and go back a bit until...
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Workout Tip 3: How to calculate your max weight and repetitions

In your workout schedule you will do each exercise a number of sets. You can decide how many on your personal goal. For us, it's difficult to calculate what your max weight is. So hereby we'll explain to you how you can calculate it yourself.    The ideal repetitions per...
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