Workout Tip 7: What is the ideal time of your workout

It is commonly thought that the longer and heavier you train, the better the result will be. Althought there's truth in there, you can also 'overtrain'. This has everything to do with the amount of energy your body needs to properly train. When your body is out of energy (simply put) it can't handle a high intensity workout and muscle tissue can even be broken down. This will be felt in feeling 'empty' at the end of your workout. 


Generally spoken a body has a energy supply for about 45-60 minutes of intense working out. By well-trained athletes this could be 90 minutes. Keeping this in mind it's important that the intense part of your workout is around 60-75 minutes. This is longer than the aforementioned 45-60 minutes because being in a gym you're not constantly working out. You also take breaks between sets and exercises. If you don't. Start doing that.


If you want to lengthen your workout you'd be smart to provide your body with some extra energies by eating a banana or drinking a sports drink. This could help you perform a little longer. 

It's also known that during your workout your body creates the stresshormone cortisol. When your body regularly creates to much cortisol it could be systematically hightened. Which isn't desirable and is seen as one of the most frequent cause for 'over stimulation'. This wil tear down muscle tissue, in stead of building it up, so remember to rest and take it slowly! 

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