Where does the name SHAKEMENT come from?

The name says it all: a SHAKE for every moMENT! A quick, delicious and healthy meal for any moment of the day. It’s perfect if you’re in a rush, don’t have time or don’t feel like cooking a meal. SHAKE-MENT can also be a derivative of the word State-MENT or Move-MENT.

Who are the creators of SHAKEMENT and why did they create SHAKEMENT?

We are Alessandro and Mike, two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who started SHAKEMENT in the beginning of 2019.

Alessandro has been working out for more than 15 years at the gym with training and nutrition guides that matched his personal fitness goals. This makes Alessandro an expert when it comes to combining weight training and nutrition. Mike has more than 12 years of experience in sales and production of healthy foods.

Together we strive to design great, useful, tasty and healthy products for an affordable price. We are constantly innovating our products and are looking forward to launching new products in the future!