Nutrition Plan

Shakement's nutrition plan is your ultimate guide to a healthy diet. Learn to lose, maintain or gain weight in a healthy way. The nutrition plan offers delicious healthy, easy to make meals that have been put together by our nutritionists. It also contains the most important tips, hints and tricks about nutrition. We help you to achieve your personal desired results with this nutrition plan.

How does it work?
As soon as you have ordered the Shakement nutrition plan, you will immediately receive the document in your email. The nutrition plan also contains a link to the entry form. In this form you can add your personal information to calculate your daily calorie requirement. Think of data such as your age, height, weight and movement pattern. You can then choose recipes you like which are based on your daily calorie needs. By sticking to the nutrition plan, you will achieve your daily calorie requirement and reach your personal goals. 

What is included in the nutrition plan?
This unique plan includes the following things:

✔ Useful information: the most important tips and tricks about nutrition.
✔ A nutrition plan with recipes that matches your daily calorie intake.
✔ Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them via the chat function on our website! Our nutrition experts are ready to support you.

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Nutrition Plan
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