Try-Out Package

  • €14,50
  • €13,50

Our Try-Out packages are the perfect way to taste what SHAKEMENT has to offer.

Here you'll find smaller, cheaper bags to try out the different flavors, making it easier to decide which flavors you want in the original bag size for your next order. In the Try-Out package you can choose up to all 8 flavors to make sure you can taste all our delicious flavors.

Our lovely shaker is always free with your first order!



Complete meal

All the nutrients you need

So delicious

Tasty like a milkshake!

Super easy

Just shake and enjoy!

High protein

Suitable for everyone!

Save time

More time for fun things!

No food waste

Eat what you need 

Tell me more..

The all in one shake!

SHAKEMENT is designed to give your body every nutrient it needs at any time of the day. Our shakes are perfect for on the road, as a snack at school or at work, but also as a pre-workout meal.

Vitamins & minerals

All 26 essential vitamins and minerals in bioavailable forms and perfect amounts.

High in protein

Each shake has 26g of the best protein and a perfect amino acid profile.

Pro- and prebiotics

Support the body in building and maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Toothbrush product

Omega-3, 6, 9

Excellent fatty acid profile, low in saturated fat and high in omega.


Soluble and insoluble fiber, keeping you full and your digestive system healthy.

Low in sugar

Slow-releasing carbs and low GI to give you sustained energy throughout your day.

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