Weight Loss Package

Would you like to lose weight? Then choose the weight loss package: a combination of the right resources that help you lose weight. 

What is in this package?
✔ The Shakement nutrition plan: Your ultimate guide to a healthy diet calculated for your calorie needs.
✔ The Shakement Fatburner: To promote your metabolism and feeling less hungry.
✔ The Shakement Shake: The all-in-one shake to replace a meal.
✔ Free support via the chat on our website.

Shakement Nutrition Plan: The Shakement Nutrition Plan is your ultimate guide to a healthy diet, based on your personal calorie needs Learn how to lose, maintain or gain weight in a healthy way. The nutrition plan offers delicious healthy, easy to make meals that have been put together by our nutritionists. It also contains the most important tips, hints and tricks about nutrition. This increases the chance that you will achieve your desired result!

Shakement Fat Burner: The Fat Burner ensures that your 'hunger' feeling is reduced. It also contains important ingredients that promote metabolism and provide more energy during the day. Because you get less hungry, you are more likely to skip unhealthy snacks. This means you consume fewer calories. For optimal results, take the Fat Burner in the morning with breakfast and in the afternoon after lunch.

Shakement Shake: The Shakement Shake is a high-quality meal replacement rich in proteins, fibres, vitamins & minerals. It contains only 250kcal per shake and has a delicious taste. Mix 65 grams of Shakement (2 scoops) with 300 ml of water. Can be done at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. For optimal results you can take one to two shakes a day while also eating  a healthy and varied diet.

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Shakement Nutrition Plan + Fatburner :
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Weight Loss Package
E-book + Watermelon Fatburner / Chocolate Brownie / Chocolate Brownie - €65,00
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